The Connecticut Yankee 2022 will present the ‘Celebration of Models’ room. The building of railroad models is one of the core things we do in this hobby. In creating the ‘Celebration of Models’ we have tried to expand the scope of the models that our members share with each other. It is one thing to open your layout to the convention so other modelers can view your efforts. We appreciate those willing to do that. However, if you want to share one or two models without entering the model contest, the ‘Celebration Room’ offers two alternatives — the Model Showcase and the People’s Choice.

The Model Showcase encourages attendees to bring in a model they have been working on to share their experiences and successes. It is a non-competitive environment.

The People’s Choice is a low-pressure competitive environment. The attendees are given the option of filling out a ballot and choosing their favorite locomotive, car, structure and scene (diorama).

The Celebration Room also contains the Judged Model Contest and the Judged Photo Contest. Models and photos are judged by teams of judges and certificates are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as ‘Best In Show’.

So as you can see, you can participate even when you do not want to be in a competitive environment.