Layout Name: Connecticut East Coast Railroad
Layout Owner: Kaylee Zheng
Scale: HO
Era: Modern
Size: 11’x 18’
Handicap Accessible?: No

What does one do if one cannot decide a specific prototype to model? Create a new railroad, of course!

Set in the era of today, the Connecticut East Coast Railroad (CEC) is an 11’x 8’x2’ deep shelf layout that is in the shape of a question mark. It is an amalgamation of elements, features, and practices of various shortlines throughout the northeast/New England. The layout represents an alternate history of the railroads in the Hartford area. It imagines a single company taking over Connecticut railroads after Conrail pulled out of Connecticut in the 1980’s, and is now hanging on by the skin of its teeth. Intended for photography, with operations a distant second, the layout is set at 53” high, located in a finished basement, and unfortunately not handicap accessible.


Scale: HO

ERA: Contemporary (aka today)

Size: 11’x18’ along the wall shelf

Control: DCC

Scenery: Natural dust

Accessibility: not accessible.