Size: 20' x 24’
Scenery: 75%
Layout Name: Providence & Worcester Railroad
Era: Modern
Scale: HO
Layout Owner: Tom Lavallee

The Providence & Worcester Railroad is an HO-scale layout representing the P&W Railroad in the modern era. The railroad started out as a 4' x 8' in 2010, but just kept growing. Now it occupies a 20' x 24' space. The mainline is about 250 ft long with over 400 ft of total trackage. The single level design has evolved into an “around the walls with peninsula” style. A lift bridge allows operators to reach the center of the layout.

Major yards at Worcester and Putnam are represented. The main industry served is a quarry. Scenery is about 75% complete.

The layout is designed for operation. Power and control of trains are managed by an NCE DCC system.

Tom wishes to thank Allan Hammill and Mike Deboise for their assistance in building the P&W.


Scale: HO

Prototype: Providence & Worcester Railroad

Locale: New England

Era: Modern

Layout Size: 20' x 24’.

Control: NCE DCC

Scenery: 75% complete.

Accessibility: This layout is not handicap accessible. There is an 8” high step at the entryway at rear of house.

Parking: Plenty of off-street parking.

Layout Visits: Yes

Operations Sessions: No

Website: No