Layout Name: Palmer Model Railroad
Layout Owner: Dwight Sturtevant
Scale: N
Era: Modern
Size: 18' x 30'
Scenery: 75%

Dwight Sturtevant's Palmer Model Railroad is a modern-era layout featuring a double-track mainline about 5 scale miles (165 feet) long, many structures and vehicles, and an amazing number of LEDs that light structures, vehicles, and streetlights.

This layout excels in running trains. MU'ed diesels pull long freight trains and a circus train of over 40 cars, many 85 or 86 scale feet long. You'll be amazed as the trains travel smoothly through numerous curves without derailments. Most of the approximately 4,500 cars and nearly 250 locos use Rapido couplers; about 10% have Kadee or other knuckle couplers.

Video cameras and monitors give helpful views of distant sidings to be switched. Turnouts are electrically controlled. Dwight is adding a car card system for operation. Train crews consist of an engineer at the throttle and a conductor following the train to handle turnouts, and to pick up and drop off cars.

Dwight also has three other N-gauge railroads that are on display. These are portable layouts that are taken to local train shows.

The New Middletown and Stony Point measures 13’ x 11’ feet and is operated from a center position with spectators around the outside. It features two main lines, two yards, and many structures and vehicles with LED lighting.

The B&P Railroad was built by a friend, measures 4’ x 6’, and is nicely scenicked with a double track main line.

The third layout measures 10” wide x 7’ long. It is run by youngsters as a training tool where they learn how to operate trains and switch cars.


Scale: N

Locale: New England

Era: Modern

Layout Size: 18' x 30’ in “E” shape with “L” extension.

Trackage: Atlas code 80 flex track and turnouts.

Construction: Platform.

Control: Block control using DC cabs at control panels.

Scenery: 75% complete.

Accessibility: Basement walk-in with minor floor obstructions.

Parking: On street. Mobility-restricted visitors park at bottom of driveway.

Layout Visits: Yes

Operations Sessions: NO

Website: No