Layout Name: Corkscrew and Vineyard Railroad
Layout Owner: Mike Wlochowski
Scale: HO
Era: Transition
Size: 28' x 30'
Scenery: 100%

The Corkscrew and Vineyard Railroad is a freelance model railroad representing the transition era in the Northeastern United States. Located in a basement room 28’ by 30’, the layout is an “around-the-wall with two peninsulas” configuration with a main line 150’ feet in length.

The model railroad consists of nine towns containing more than 100 industries. There are more than 150 structures most of which are kit-based or kit-bashed.Track is commercial code 100. Scenery is 100% complete.


Motive power is a mixture of steam and diesel locomotives. There are over 200 freight cars on the layout, but there is a large roster of cars in “off-the-railroad” storage that can be readily swapped to the railroad. Freight trains provide most of the traffic, but an occasional passenger train is seen. Train power and control is provided by an NCE DCC system. Routing of freight cars is accomplished using a car card forwarding. Trains are managed using verbal train orders.


Scale: HO

Locale: Northeastern US

Prototype: None

Era: Transition era

Layout Size: 28’ x 30’

Trackage: Commercial code 100

Construction: Open grid

Control: NCE DCC

Scenery: 100 %

Backdrop: Hand painted

Accessibility: Stairs to basement

Parking: Street parking

Layout Visits: Yes

Operation Sessions: No

Website: No