Layout Name: New Haven Railroad
Layout Owner: Bob Murphy
Era: Early Diesel
Size: 25’ x 32’
Scenery: 100%

The New Haven Railroad is a prototype-freelance railroad representing southern Connecticut. Set in the early diesel era the layout features long trains passing through beautiful scenery. The layout is HO scale. 

The railroad fills a 25’ x 32’ basement with an around-the-walls and peninsulas style. It features a single-track main line with passing sidings. Trains pass through four towns containing nearly thirty rail-served industries. Track is all commercial code 83. Motive power is first and second generation diesel locomotives: GP-7s, RS-3s, U25Bs, and C425s. Many locomotives are sound equipped. Rolling stock consists of nearly two-hundred twenty-five freight cars and six passenger cars along with a Budd RDC car. 

The railroad has a selection of structures many of which are scratch-built; the balance of the structures are kits or kit-bashed creations. The layout is powered and trains controlled by an NCE DCC system. There is a CTC panel and trains are controlled through verbal train orders. 

Scale: HO 

Locale: Southern Connecticut 

Prototype: New Haven 

Era: Early Diesel 

Layout Size: 25’ x 32’ 

Trackage: Atlas Code 83 

Construction: Around the room with peninsulas 

Control: NCE DCC 

Scenery: 100% Complete 

Accessibility: Basement - stairs 

Parking: On street same side as house 

Layout Visits: Yes 

Operation Sessions: Yes 

Website: No