Layout Name: Standard Gauge Empire
Layout Owner: Steven Meyer

Standard gauge trains are IMPRESSIVE! Observe the Blue Comet engine looming over the HO-scale loco next to it. Check out the chrome plating and the vibrant colors. For over one-hundred years, tinplate trains produced by Lionel have appealed to the playful senses of both kids and adults. 

“Classic Period” (1923-40) standard gauge trains often are rare, and many surviving examples are in less-than-perfect condition. My interest, however, is not in obtaining the old and the collectable. I want to own the perfect models I see in those ancient catalogs. I want everything to be shiny and new. Fortunately, MTH has fulfilled my wishes by offering reasonably priced, faithful reproductions of the originals. 

My house does not have space for a permanent standard gauge set up. The trains reside in their boxes and come out only on special occasions. For The Connecticut Yankee convention, a floor layout with 120 feet of track, 8 turnouts, and operating accessories will be assembled. Everyone can observe the trains operating with all their massive splendor. 

The MTH reproductions are exact duplicates of the originals except that they run on DCS and have smoke and sound. Trains on display include: 

  • Blue Comet passenger train, steam loco and 5 cars. 
  • State Set passenger train in seldom-seen New Haven livery, electric loco and 5 cars. 
  • Freight train with steam loco and 8 cars. 


Unless you are familiar with Standard Gauge, chances are you’ve never seen a display like this one. You will enjoy your visit. 

Scale: Standard Gauge. 

Scale Ratio: Indeterminant; larger than “O,” smaller than “G.” 

Era: MTH reproductions representing 1923 to 1940. 

Trackage: 3-rail, 2 1/8” gauge, 72” curves, dual loops with sidings 

Construction: Floor layout 

Control: MTH DCS and WiFi