Layout Name: New Haven / Derby Junction
Layout Owner: John Grosner
Scale: HO
Era: 1945 - 1955
Size: 15’ x 20’
Scenery: 100%

The New Haven / Derby Junction is a model railroad based upon the prototype New Haven Railroad in Shelton and Derby, CT. Set in the steam to diesel transition era, the layout fills a 15’ by 20’ room. The layout is HO scale. 

The folded dogbone track plan features a main line of 80 feet running through two towns. Track is hand laid code 70 and features more than fifty industries served by rail. All structures are either kit-bashed or scratch built. Scenery is 100% complete. Motive power is mostly steam with some first generation diesel locomotives. Rolling stock is mostly freight cars of types suited to the time period with a few lightweight passenger cars. Trains are mostly freight but there are three passenger trains that run to mix things up. 


This layout can accommodate up to five trains at a time. Power and control of trains are provided by an NCE DCC system. Operational control is provided by signals actuated by detection systems. A dispatcher provides verbal train orders when required and car routing is managed with the use of switch lists. 

Scale: HO 

Locale: Shelton / Derby, CT 

Prototype: New Haven Railroad 

Era: 1945 - 1955 

Layout Size: 15’ x 20’ 

Trackage: Handlaid code 70 

Control: NCE DCC 

Scenery: 100% 

Accessibility: Stairs 

Parking: 10+ cars 

Layout Visits: YES 

Operation Sessions: YES 

Website: No