Layout Name: New Haven Society of Model Engineers
Layout Owner: New Haven Society of Model Engineers
Scale: HO

The NHMSE is currently building an HO-scale, point-to-point, double-deck layout in the basement of the original Wallingford train station. The lower-level track work is complete and construction is in progress on the upper level. The layout features staging inside the double-track helix, a scratch-built wooden trestle, a large classification yard, a quarry, and many other on-line industries.

Layout Name: Connecticut East Coast Railroad
Layout Owner: Kaylee Zheng
Scale: HO
Era: Modern
Size: 11’x 18’
Handicap Accessible?: No

What does one do if one cannot decide a specific prototype to model? Create a new railroad, of course!

Set in the era of today, the Connecticut East Coast Railroad (CEC) is an 11’x 8’x2’ deep shelf layout that is in the shape of a question mark. It is an amalgamation of elements, features, and practices of various shortlines throughout the northeast/New England. The layout represents an alternate history of the railroads in the Hartford area. It imagines a single company taking over Connecticut railroads after Conrail pulled out of Connecticut in the 1980’s, and is now hanging on by the skin of its teeth. Intended for photography, with operations a distant second, the layout is set at 53” high, located in a finished basement, and unfortunately not handicap accessible.


Scale: HO

ERA: Contemporary (aka today)

Size: 11’x18’ along the wall shelf

Control: DCC

Scenery: Natural dust

Accessibility: not accessible.

Layout Name: Providence & Worcester Railroad
Layout Owner: Tom Lavallee
Scale: HO
Era: Modern
Size: 20' x 24’
Scenery: 75%

The Providence & Worcester Railroad is an HO-scale layout representing the P&W Railroad in the modern era. The railroad started out as a 4' x 8' in 2010, but just kept growing. Now it occupies a 20' x 24' space. The mainline is about 250 ft long with over 400 ft of total trackage. The single level design has evolved into an “around the walls with peninsula” style. A lift bridge allows operators to reach the center of the layout.

Major yards at Worcester and Putnam are represented. The main industry served is a quarry. Scenery is about 75% complete.

The layout is designed for operation. Power and control of trains are managed by an NCE DCC system.

Tom wishes to thank Allan Hammill and Mike Deboise for their assistance in building the P&W.


Scale: HO

Prototype: Providence & Worcester Railroad

Locale: New England

Era: Modern

Layout Size: 20' x 24’.

Control: NCE DCC

Scenery: 75% complete.

Accessibility: This layout is not handicap accessible. There is an 8” high step at the entryway at rear of house.

Parking: Plenty of off-street parking.

Layout Visits: Yes

Operations Sessions: No

Website: No

The HO layout is a combination of prototype modeling and a freelance New England model railroad. The prototype replication part is the diorama of the town of Collinsville circa 1900 which prominently features the Collinsville Axe factory that was serviced by two rail lines. The rear of the diorama is a freelanced depiction of New England during the steam-to-diesel transition period. The combined layouts occupy about 1400 square feet of space.

Click here to see a video of their layout.

Click here to go to the museum website and learn more about the railroads.

Layout Name: DSP&P Railroad
Layout Owner: George Sebastian-Coleman
Scale: On30
Era: 1884
Size: 24' x 28’
Scenery: 80%

The Alpine Tunnel District models a section of the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad in the spring of 1884. The On3 layout depicts Gunnison (end of the mainline), the climb up the Palisades to the Alpine Tunnel, and then down Chalk Creek through Romley and St. Elmo. The layout recreates key scenic and structural elements with a high degree of fidelity.

All visible track is hand laid on ties shaped to resemble the pole ties used when the line was built. Scenery is about 80% complete with mostly foresting still to be finished. Models are a mix of kit and scratch built, including some 3D-printed models based on George’s artwork. Some key structures have been installed, but many others remain to be built. The layout is dead rail; all trains are battery powered and radio controlled.

Model features such as the Palisades (rock retaining wall) and the stone enginehouse at Alpine demonstrate George’s skill at accurately replicating the prototype.


Scale: On3

Prototype: DSP&P, Alpine Tunnel District

Locale: Southwest Colorado

Era: 1884

Layout Size: 24' x 28’.

Trackage/turnouts: Hand-laid track, 42 inch min. radius, no. 6 min. turnout.

Construction: Two levels connected with steady grades.

Control: Dead rail, battery power.

Scenery: 80% complete.

Accessibility: Not wheelchair accessible.

Parking: Park on street or on grass in front of house. Enter through garage.

Layout Visits: Yes

Operations Sessions: No

Website: No