Clinic Title: Kitbashing
Clinician: Mike Tylick, MMR
Clinic Time: 2022-09-16 10:30
Clinic Type: Model
Clinic Category: 04 - Structures

The idea to alter model structure kits is as old as the hobby itself, and “kitbashing,” as it is known, is an excellent way to distinguish your model railroad from everyone else’s. The techniques are simple, and the proliferation of inexpensive and excellent structure kits makes many complex projects possible. In this clinic, Mike will talk about basic kitbashing techniques and take you on a tour of different projects he has built over the years.  Mike finds cutting up and re-gluing plastic takes more imagination than skill. Although it is easier to achieve an attractive finish with sympathetic materials, styrene can be made to resemble almost anything. Since he considers finishing to be part of the design, attention is given to the texturing, painting, and weathering techniques that he uses.