N.E. Free-Mo will be at the CannonBall Express Convention!
What is Free-Mo?

Free-mo is the newest and most exciting innovation in modular railroading. Free-mo is more modular and flexible than modules based upon the existing NMRA standard. Free-mo modelers desire to simulate prototypical scenes and realistic operation. Free-mo modules emphasize scenery and track flexibility. Click here for track layout

Free-mo layouts generally are operated with a single track mainline, though there is allowance in the standard for double-track mainlines. The three inter-module bus lines allow for the operation of dozens of trains. Layout sizes can vary, up to any size conceivable. Free-Mo layouts can curve and snake about in interesting ways. Because emphasis is on building modules with realistic scenery that can be operated prototypically, Free-Mo layouts look good and operate well. So, Free-mo operates like a permanent home layout while still retaining modularity.

New England FreeMo will be set up in the Hofstra Room. You will have an opportunity to operate on their layout. More details to come soon - stay tuned!