Clinics are scheduled Thursday through Saturday.

Date / TimeClinicianClinic_Title (Link)Extra-Fare Room Limit
Thu @ 1:00 PMDave AckmanFire! (via Zoom)Forum II
Thu @ 1:00 PMEd O'ConnellBuild a Portable Power Cab & Decoder Programming StationForum IV
Thu @ 1:00 PMMatt HersonWaterfront Railroads In New York CityForum III
Thu @ 1:00 PMForum VII
Thu @ 2:30 PMAngela SuttonProgress on the Mon Yough Southern: Planning and Early ConstructionForum IV
Thu @ 2:30 PMBruce RobinsonBuilding A New England Covered Bridge Forum III
Thu @ 2:30 PMDave AckmanAutomating CAD - Second Section (via Zoom)Forum II
Thu @ 2:30 PMForum VII
Thu @ 4:00 PMEd GreasonWhat to do when your Road becomes a Fallen FlagForum III
Thu @ 4:00 PMJohn McHughScratchbuilding A Small Rural Station To Earn A Merit AwardForum IV
Thu @ 4:00 PMTom StatonMaking A Corner Of The Layout Vanish! (Via Zoom)Forum II
Thu @ 4:00 PMForum VII
Thu @ 8:30 PMBill Brown, MMRCreating a Believable Fall Season ForestForum VII
Thu @ 8:30 PMBruce RobinsonTwo Years Two Weeks - Building The Stratton Valley RRForum III
Thu @ 8:30 PMDave InsleyMisadventures in 3D PrintingForum IV
Thu @ 8:30 PMEd KoehlerA Video Tour Of The Brookhaven Rail TerminalForum II
Fri @ 9:00 AMAndreas WerderLaser Cutting and Engraving for Model RailroadersForum II
Fri @ 9:00 AMDennis De AngelisMethods of Powering Turnout FrogsForum III
Fri @ 9:00 AMSteve Perry, MMR3D Modeling With OpenscadForum VII
Fri @ 9:00 AMVince LeeA Float Yard For The Allegheny & Western: Designing And Building A Waterfront Switching FacilityForum IV
Fri @ 10:30 AMDavid AbramesCard Stock Modeling Forum II
Fri @ 10:30 AMDan ShepardModeling New York's High LineForum VII
Fri @ 10:30 AMMalcolm Houck, MMRTips, Tricks, and ShortcutsForum III
Fri @ 10:30 AMMike Tylick, MMRScenery ConstructionForum IV
Fri @ 1:30 PMDavid OlesenSignals and CTC for the C&O Alleghany SubForum IV
Fri @ 1:30 PMMike Tylick, MMRQuick InteriorsForum III
Fri @ 1:30 PMGeorge Bogatiuk Get the Tru-Blu Scoop on SoundTraxx new Blunami Decoders! Forum II
Fri @ 1:30 PMRamon RhodesMy Half Century Love Affair With Trains (Part 1)Forum VII
Fri @ 3:00 PMRamon RhodesMy Half Century Love Affair With Trains (Part 2)Forum VII
Fri @ 3:00 PMAndy ReynoldsPart 1 - L-Girder Construction
Part 2 - The Electronics behind Fast Tracks turnouts, gauntlets, etc.
Forum II
Fri @ 3:00 PMDavid AbramesUsing Electronics To Enhance Your Layout Forum III
Fri @ 3:00 PMScott MeyerBuilding an Ultra-Lightweight Portable LayoutForum IV
Fri @ 4:30 PMChristina ZambriHow to promote your division (or region)Forum II
Fri @ 4:30 PMRichard Newmiller, MMRModeling Glenside Lumber & Coal Co.Forum III
Fri @ 4:30 PMTom StatonMaking It Look Real And On The Cheap (Via Zoom)Forum IV
Fri @ 7:30 PMBill Brown, MMRLatest Modeling Innovations Using LARC Graphics Forum III
Fri @ 7:30 PMDan CassanelloWeathering and Q & AForum IV
Fri @ 7:30 PMAndy ReynoldsConstructing An HO Bar Mills Kit (Make & Take - Double time slot)$25.00 Forum II20
Fri @ 9:00 PMAndy ReynoldsConstructing An HO Bar Mills Kit (Continued) Forum II
Fri @ 9:00 PMGordy Robinson, PresidentWhat's going on at the NMRA National?Forum IV
Fri @ 9:00 PMMalcolm Houck, MMRModeling a Steam LocomotiveForum III
Sat @ 9:00 AMJohn DoehringLend Me Your Ears! A Ten-Point Manifesto for Building a Powerful New 21st Century NMRAForum IV
Sat @ 9:00 AMScott MeyerBuilding an Ultra-Lightweight Portable LayoutForum III
Sat @ 9:00 AMSpeed MullerAn Introduction to the Arduino (Make & Take - Double time slot)$0.00 Forum II15
Sat @ 10:30 AMSpeed MullerAn Introduction to the Arduino (Continued)Forum II
Sat @ 10:30 AMDavid AbramesCard Stock Modeling Forum III
Sat @ 10:30 AMShirley PonceCometics Presentation by MACForum IV
Sat @ 12:00 PMMarriott ChefCooking Demonstration and Lunch$45 Crop and Kettle
Sat @ 1:30 PMAndy ReynoldsTechniques for building a Wisconsin Dairy BarnForum II
Sat @ 1:30 PMJon SilhaveyTable Top Transit - A New Modular Spec Forum III
Sat @ 1:30 PMMatt HersonElectric Railroads In The New York Metro AreaForum IV
Sat @ 3:00 PMAndy EstepGrasse River Railroad: Finding History through Summers of Research, Reconstruction, Replicas, and Digging in the MudForum II
Sat @ 3:00 PMBruce RobinsonWhat Do I Have To Do To Earn My Chief Dispatcher AP Certificate?Forum III
Sat @ 3:00 PMGordon Hope3D PrintingForum IV
Sat @ 4:30 PMDavid AbramesUsing Electronics To Enhance Your Layout Forum II
Sat @ 4:30 PMRichard Newmiller, MMRModeling The Rail Served Colgate Manufacturing Plant In Jersey CityForum III
Sat @ 4:30 PMWill FlowerRubbish To Rail TransferForum IV